All about zodiac signs and astrology
The symbol of the zodiac sign Gemini is the Roman numeral 2. It is not difficult to guess where such an image originated from. The very word "twins" indicates two people - brothers or sisters.
There is also a duality in the character of those born under this constellation. Such people are changeable, two dissimilar people seem to live side by side in their personality.
The symbol of the zodiac sign Libra exactly corresponds to its name. It reflects the ideas of justice and balance. As if on a scale, different points of view are weighed here, as a result of which you can see the truth and judge people.
Representatives of Libra are endowed with a sense of proportion and beauty. They strive for balance and harmony in all spheres of life, including looking for balance in relationships, do not like conflicts.
Another meaning of the symbolism of Libra is the image of sunset, as opposed to Aries, which is a sunrise. Sunset is a wonderful, romantic time of day, isn't it?
The designation of the zodiac sign Aquarius is two broken lines. They symbolize the ocean waves that rise, thanks to the wind. Wind, like Aquarius himself, refers to the Air element.
Representatives of this zodiac sign always strive to be in the flow. They are sociable, sociable, friendly. Their mind, like waves, is constantly occupied with some ideas or concepts.
The designation of the zodiac sign Virgo is ambiguous. Some claim that this symbol depicts 3 spikelets of wheat, carefully connected to each other. Representatives of this sign are really close to the earth and hardworking.
There is another historically grounded explanation of the Virgo symbol. The sign is a monogram of the letters "MV", composed of the initials Maria Virgo, that is, the Virgin Mary.
Virgo represents purity and purity. And if we are talking about purity in the physical sense of the word, then purity is meant rather spiritually.
The symbol of the zodiac sign Capricorn is ambiguous. There are two ways to decipher it:
in the first case, they talk about the image of the intricate horns and tail of a mountain goat, personifying this zodiac sign;
in the second case, it is assumed that the Greek letters "tau" and "ro" are encrypted in the symbol — the first two letters in the word tragos, which means "goat".
The mountain goat is endowed with such qualities as endurance, fortitude, determination and courage. From birth, he has to climb mountain slopes in search of pastures, bypassing ravines and gorges. As a result, Capricorn reaches the mountain peaks.
The designation of the zodiac sign Leo is a curl with a circle at the end. It is somewhat similar to the mane of a lion, creating a bright and noticeable image of this majestic animal in nature. Those born under this constellation also often have luxurious, not very obedient hair.
The circle in the symbol points us to the Sun, which is the patron of the zodiac sign Leo. It reflects the Spirit and inner core, strength of character and bright creative abilities.
Aries traditionally opens the zodiac — this is where the point of the vernal equinox is located, when day becomes equal to night. By the way, the word "aries" means a ram older than one year.
The graphic symbol of the zodiac sign Aries somewhat resembles the Latin letter "V". It is believed that it is an image of the horns of a ram. Isn't there a similarity?
There is another version, according to which the Aries icon represents an image of the sunrise or an explosion.
People born under this constellation have exactly this character: they are impulsive, impetuous, bold and strive to be the first in all spheres of life.
When you first see the symbol of the zodiac sign Cancer, you will immediately understand who we are talking about. The two "commas" in this icon are very similar to the claws of cancer, which seems to be hiding behind them from an outside observer.
This sign really does not like to be seen, prefers to stay in its closed and cozy world, where no one will disturb it. Crayfish love their home, which can be compared to a sink.
The Cancer symbol also reminds us of the infinity sign. And indeed, the emotions of the representatives of the Cancer sign are so deep that this depth seems endless. And another interpretation is the fusion of Yin and Yang, male and female, as a result of which pregnancy occurs. Cancer is associated with motherhood.
The symbol of the Pisces zodiac sign is two fish that swim in different directions. They are indicated by semicircles on the right and left. Connects the fish "silver thread", which has mythological roots.
Two fish are not accidentally looking in different directions. This is a symbolic representation of the eternal confrontation of the spirit and soul of man, earthly and heavenly.
One fish swims towards mysticism and spiritual development, ready to sacrifice himself to others. The other is directed towards achieving personal goals and self-realization.
There is another way to decipher the symbol. One of the fish swims with the flow, succumbing to the flow of life and not even trying to change something in life. And the other is swimming against the current, making efforts for its own development.
These are the meanings of the symbols of the zodiac signs. These designations appeared in ancient times, but are still relevant to this day.
The image of the zodiac sign Scorpio is the Latin letter "m". There are two versions of the value of the arrow at the end of the symbol:
it stands for the poisonous sting of a Scorpion;
indicates the tail of this animal.
In any case, the presence of an arrow indicates that Scorpio is striving for active actions — he does not stop on the way to the desired goal. The Scorpion's sting hints at his vindictiveness. By the way, you may be interested in the material about the most evil zodiac signs.
The designation of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is the arrow that the centaur released from the bow. The arrow is not randomly directed forward and upward. Sagittarius is aiming for the future, he is striving for high goals.
Representatives of this sign will not linger on the past. Their gaze is directed into the distance, somewhere where the guiding star shines. This star is the ideal that inspires the centaur.
The designation of the zodiac sign Taurus is a circle with an arc above it. This is a schematic representation of a bull's head.
The circle in this icon reflects the Sun (the Spirit of a person), and the arc reflects the Moon (the Soul). Since there is a soul icon on top here, it becomes clear that proximity to the Earth and nature, and not to the Cosmos and God, plays a leading role in the life of Taurus.
The character of this sign in many ways resembles the features of a bull - it is stubbornness, some slowness, power and great natural strength.
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